Leather care and repair


  • Make sure you wipe the leather with a damp cloth.
  • Use a specialised cleanser for marks or dirt but be aware that this can change the color of the leather.
  • If your classicuir product gets wet do not worry, just let it dry naturally, avoid using a heater or a hair dryer as heat could warp the leather. 


  • Use a leather conditioner once a month, as leather is porous and can lose its moisture over time, also make sure that the leather conditioner is wiped off the product completely & properly.
  • If you are wearing dark clothing with a light-colored bag, make sure that the color does not rub off on the leather.
  • Always make sure that your leather product is stored in a well ventilated and cool area and not exposed to direct sunlight or water when not in use.
  • While storing ensure you stuff the bag with newspaper to retain the shape, avoid overstuffing the leather bag
  • Always store your classicuir bag in your dust bag(which comes along with your product from us) or any cotton, muslin bag which allows the leather to breathe. We suggest to avoid using plastic poly bags to store your bag.


  • At Classicuir each product is handcrafted and made with care.
  • Classicuir’s products have gone through several quality tests before it is delivered to you. For any damage related to the interiors of the bag which include the lining of the bag and the hardware of the bag we provide a one year warranty for the same. In addition to this, overtime there may be
  • wear and tear, but we encourage you to get it repaired from your local shoe or leather repair shop. We encourage you to keep your leather product with care as it will never go out of style.

    Please Note: Damaged products specific to repair will have to be couriered back to our warehouse wherein the shipping expenses will be borne by the  customer . Classicuir will only bear the shipping expenses after the repair of  the merchandise.